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HousingExpert is the most dynamic data intelligence platform on UK Housing Association finance, stock and development pipeline available in the market.

What does it include?

With 3 unique data sources in one place, HousingExpert gives complete and unique insights into the UK housing market:

Financial health

Detailed interpretation of financial situation of each organisation.

Stock footprint

Thorough tracking of housing stock for each Housing Association.

Development pipeline

Unique tracking of proposed and planned projects to build more housing.

Who's it for?

HousingExpert is for everyone looking to work with a Housing Association:

Make better decisions using evidence from the most comprehensive data source in the market today. There is no better place than HousingExpert to find the answers to evidence your key questions, and no faster way of doing so.

What problems does it solve?

HousingExpert has been built with the support of some of the largest names in the Housing Industry to solve the problems they are facing.

HousingExpert has:


40+ Research Partners | 12 Build Partners

Top quote
The data that's out there is overwhelming. You can't interrogate it
We want to know about market conditions in precise, quantifiable terms to inform out target lists… I can't make comparisons.
Much of our data is sectored or the data is used and thrown away
40-50% of my team's time is spent trying to locate sales targets
I think it’s extremely sensible. You can monitise it. We would use it. Most builders want geo data.
Our data is behind the curve. At the moment we do this legwork and if there was a tool that could do this for us it would be great.
Bottom quote

Why should I use this tool?

Unique functionality to search and compare across 3 key areas:

  • Financial Health
  • Stock Footprint
  • Development Pipeline
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  • Criteria Search

    Build a prospect list

  • Results table

    Monitor performance and capacity of your existing clients

Slide 2
  • Profile

    Deep-dive research into any organisation

  • Compare

    Compare organisations across up to 300 fields

Slide 3
  • Trend reports

    Understand key sector trends with reports from our experts

  • Market updates

    Track market updates, from regulatory judgments to credit ratings and bond issues

  • Save search

    Collaborate with colleagues: share reports, searches and lists with other users in your organisation

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HousingExpert has one of the most robust methodologies in the market with:

Data capture

Data capture
Standard methodology

Three step validation

Three step validation
Accuracy guaranteed


Insight delivered

The commitment behind it

Inside Housing


Launched "biggest builders" research, the first in the sector to track the output of the largest developing housing associations


Inside Housing completes 16th Biggest Builders research project INSIDE HOUSING

Time line


Began producing bespoke data tables; from stock transfers & bonds, to build rates & account

Began producing 250+ in-depth, data-led ‘special reports’ displaying key financial indicators of over 200 Housing Associations

The commitment behind it

The HousingExpert team

Director Luke Cross leads the growing team, providing strategic direction and market knowledge.

Data editor Chloe Stothart provides data analysis and oversees the team of researchers, having spent two years leading research for Social Housing magazine.

Lead researcher Romana Lisica leads a team of three.

Development team Our internal team and external development partners provide a team of developers, designers, and quality assurance.

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